Caring for Loved Ones in a Covid-19 World

October 7, 2020

It's not easy if you're caring for someone 65+ today. The elderly remain the most at-risk community for COVID-19. Caregivers have to meet the challenges of navigating adapted care plans, operating with reduced resources, and making difficult decisions quickly and head on. The hope is that they'll protect the people they love from an unfamiliar short-term threat, without any long-term consequences. With the unforeseen threat of this pandemic prompting new playbooks for elder care, many are wondering where we go from here. Pillar is here to weigh in on some of these topics and help you navigate caregiving in a COVID-19 world.

Where to Begin

Every person's situation is unique. There's no one answer on how to best care for someone since it depends on the person's level of independence, pre-existing conditions, and more. However, some common threads are emerging as we learn more about the disease. Daily Caring has done a great job of breaking these down into common caregiving questions.

Continued Care

While much of the world is at a stand-still, caregiving responsibility never ceases. So what happens when your mom, grandpa, or other loved one has a doctor's appointment? Is it safe to take them? Should you drive or should someone else? It's important to know how to care for the elderly without putting them at risk during covid.

Stay Mentally Strong

Stress management, physical well-being, staying social, safety, and routine are some of the most powerful factors for maintaining the health and well-being of older adults. An event like COVID-19 is naturally going to shake-up every one of these dynamics. Focus on what you can control to bring stability to those you love.

What's Next

To be honest, we don't know. But what we do know is that the fundamentals of caregiving are going to stay the same no matter how dire the circumstances. No matter what, Pillar is here to help you navigate this process. Feel free to reach out anytime at if you need any help.

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