We help your employees take care of their families.

Pillar can help your employees make a plan for their loved ones.

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Taking care of loved ones is hard. Pillar can make it easier.

Pillar is an online platform that makes it easy to take care of the people your employees love, so they can feel less stressed and be more prepared.


Over 55 million adults provide informal care to loved ones.


Hours people spend taking care of their aging loved ones each year


Percent of employees that say this is their biggest source of stress

Get step-by-step guidance to care for your loved ones.

What medications does your mom take? What’s the login for your dad’s bank account? When should grandpa go to a nursing home?

It doesn’t have to be this difficult. Pillar is an online platform that makes it easy to take care of the people you love, so you can be sure that you’re doing things the right way.

Store important information

What's your parent's email password? What's the username for their retirement account? Where do they keep their birth certificates?

Organize your loved ones’ most important information like online accounts, passwords, documents, and paperwork in one place. With Pillar you can easily keep track what they have, where it is, and how you can access it.

Share the responsibility with family and caregivers

Easily share your loved ones wishes, plans, and information with family or trusted advisors to avoid difficult situations in the future.

Adding Pillar Life to your company’s benefit package can solve one of your employees’ greatest stresses.

“My mom was diagnosed with a rare health condition last year. She’s had to rely on me more and I was lost on how to help. Pillar helped me store her accounts and passwords so I could pay her bills. Plus, we’re prepared now if her condition worsens.”

Patrick, New York

“The phrase we hear most often about Pillar from our employees is “a sense of relief”.  Our employees know they don’t have to go through this journey alone and feel better equipped to make important decisions for their loved ones."

Ann, Texas

“I’ve never had a tool that is like this. I began planning for my grandfather the day after he tested positive for covid. Now everything is stored all in one place so no one will have to go looking for it. That is what clicked for me."

Taylor, California

Together we can help your team.

Now more than ever your employees need support taking care of their loved ones and Pillar Life can help.

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