Flexibility for all your family’s needs

Set up your family's Vault

Easily add files, contacts and accounts or use our guided checklist to see what's important to keep track of

Invite family and friends for simplified information sharing and collaboration

Bring order to chaos

Declutter your life

Storing all your important info in several places can be chaotic. Simplify with Pillar.

Family Sharing

We’ve created your
category checklists so you know where to begin.

Protect Your Family

Rest easy knowing all of your loved one’s data is secure with encryption.

Custom Guidance

Simply input your email, & we’ll notify you of any suspicious activity.


How much does Pillar cost?

We're currently offering early access to Pillar for $3.99 per month (when paid annually at $47.88/year) or $4.99 per month (when paid monthly). All subscribers get Pillar free for 14 days and can cancel at any time.

How many vaults can I create?

Customers can create as many vaults as you need for your family.

Other Questions?

Contact us anytime at support@pillarlife.com.