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Flexibility for all your family’s needs

1. Set up a profile for you or a loved one

2. Easily add files, contacts and accounts or use our guided checklist to see what's important to keep track of

3. Invite family and friends for simplified information sharing and collaboration

Trusted by thousands of families

“With Pillar, I feel confident that I’m providing the best care possible to my mother-in-law, even though she lives hours away.”
Orlando, FL
“As a first-time caregiver, I wasn’t sure where to start. Pillar helped me develop a plan and their personalized checklists kept me on track.”
Washington, DC
“Pillar helped me store my mom’s accounts and passwords so I could pay her bills. Plus, we’re prepared now if her condition worsens.”
New York, NY
“We’ve dealt with elder fraud in the past. I feel much more protected knowing that Pillar is keeping an eye on my Dad’s accounts.”
San Diego, CA
“My parents are organized, but I can’t access their paper files from hundreds of miles away. Now, I can stay on top of paperwork and help them out in the process.”
Atlanta, GA
“Being able to share my Mom’s caregiving information with my brother was a game changer. I’ve saved so much time not having to send him every document individually.”
Dallas, TX
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