Organize your family’s legal documents

Store your family's legal documents all in one place. Organize IDs, Power of Attorney, a Trust, Last Will and Testament, & more. Caring for an elderly parent and other loved ones should be easy. You can ensure your parents' wishes and other important decisions are easily accessible to you and your family.

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Easily add to your vault

Securely store every legal document for you or an aging parent in one place. You can upload a file, such as an estate plan or advance directive, through your account, or easily text or email your doc to an attorney or anyone else to automatically upload and categorize it.

Securely share with others

Securely share important paperwork with your loved ones. Or, maybe you need to share a legal document with an estate planning or elder law attorney. Simply add their email and make caregiving collaboration easier. Our platform makes it easy to be the caregiver of legal affairs for your loved ones.

Get instant access, from anywhere

Whether it's as simple as a passport or complex as a trust; you can easily access the information whenever you have your phone or computer handy. Seamlessly find every important legal document you have from living wills to an estate plan.

Help getting started

Pillar can help you manage and organize legal documents, such as an estate plan or living wills so that you can easily manage and access important paperwork for an aging parent, children, and even yourself.
✓ Store legal documents for aging parents

✓ Manage long term care of an older adult

✓ Easily access important papers for elderly
✓ Store your legal records online

✓ Share and access every important legal document

✓ Quickly access legal paperwork and manage legal affairs
✓ A place for your law documents

✓ Store legal records for an older adult or other loved ones

✓ Easily store identification records, living wills, and more

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Your security is our priority

Only you have access to your data

Our security starts with bank-level AES 256-bit encryption, and we use multiple techniques to ensure only you can access your important documents.

Private by design

Your most sensitive data is yours alone, and we don't want to know anything about it. We don't use it, we don't share it, and we don't sell it.

Industry-leading security

Nobody but you can access your personal information. Not employees, not the government. No one.

What our members say

“I'm so happy I found Pillar. It made it so easy for me and my family to organize our most important information. Previously all of this got lost in a mountain of paper, now we can all come together and collaborate on the same platform.”
-Arthur W.