Georgia: Every Legal, Medical, and Estate Planning Document You Need

Here's a complete guide to every critical medical, legal, and estate planning document and relevant state law for Georgia. Download these forms and get started with Pillar to organize all of your most important documents in one safe, secure, easy-to-use online storage solution

February 2, 2021

When it comes to important healthcare and estate planning decisions, it's always better to be prepared. And while there are lot of federal laws and guidelines, it's just as important for residents to be familiar with the unique state laws and any special forms that might impact their medical, legal, or estate planning decisions.

We've compiled a full list of important forms you can download and store to start planning for your future today. Here are all of the most essential medical forms, legal documents, and state laws you need to know about if you live in Georgia.

Essential Georgia Medical State Laws & Forms

How to Get Your Medical Records in Georgia

Federal and state laws entitle you to obtain a copy of your medical records in most circumstances for a reasonable fee. Georgia state law requires that health care providers maintain medical records as follows:

  • Adults: 10 years from last discharge or contact that resulted in a record.
  • Minors: Until the patient’s 23rd birthday or 10 years from last discharge or contact that resulted in a record, whichever is longer.
Read more about your rights when it comes to getting your medical records

Georgia Advance Directive Laws

An Advanced Healthcare Directive (often called a "living will") allows you to make the most serious medical decisions regarding your healthcare or end-of-life treatment ahead of time in the event you can’t or don’t want to. Here are the forms you need to create a living will in Georgia:

Georgia Organ Donor Registry

Many people opt to have their healthy organs donated to those in desperate need, often saving lives in the process. If you’d like to become an organ donor in the state of Georgia, you can register online. Just visit the Donate Life Georgia website and fill out the required form.

Essential Georgia Legal & Estate Planning Documents & Forms

Trusts and Probate Laws in Georgia

Probate is the legal process involving the management of an individual’s assets and finances once they pass away. This process can be extremely complex and damaging to family relationships. To avoid probate altogether, it is recommended that you set up a living trust that clearly outlines your instructions on how your estate will be handled.

Learn how to set up a living trust in Georgia.

Georgia Digital Estate Planning Laws

Many of us don’t think about our digital assets in terms of passing them along to beneficiaries. Email, personal blogs, social media, online bill pay, etc. are all transferable once you pass away. In recent years, the state of Georgia enacted the Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act, a law to regulate how digital assets are accessed following one’s death.

Learn how to cancel someone's Netflix account (and more) after they pass.

How to Get a Death Certificate in Georgia

A death certificate is an official document notarized by a licensed physician. It can be used to settle matters regarding estates, insurance, legal claims, and more. The State Office in Georgia has records of deaths that occurred in Georgia from 1919 to the present. Other locations may have older ones.

Click here to apply for a death certificate in Georgia.

Georgia Estate & Inheritance Tax

Georgia currently does not impose an estate or inheritance tax. However, if you live in Georgia and inherit property from someone in a state that does impose these taxes, you may be liable to pay. Please refer to the following links to learn more about this:

How to Organize Your Most Important Documents

Georgia has a number of unique state laws when it comes to your medical records, inheritance taxes, wills, trusts, and estate planning. Safely scan, store, and share your most important state documents when you need them with Pillar's secure and easy-to-use online storage tool for you and your family and anvigate the strict probate process and lax estate tax with confidence.

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