Idaho: Every Legal, Medical, and Estate Planning Document You Need

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February 2, 2021

Gem state residents rejoice! We have created this gem of a guide to help you keep tabs on some of the most important medical, legal and estate planning forms and resources. These include government forms, documents and legal information that is all just a click away.

You can download the forms and securely store them with Pillar for peace of mind knowing all your documents are organized and ready to go whenever you’ll need them in future.

Essential Idaho Medical & Social State Laws and Forms

How to Get Your Medical Records in Idaho

Doctors in Idaho are required to retain medical records for 10 years from the final treatment or visit, making it one of the longest medical record retention requirements in the country (behind Massachusetts). Other records, like clinical and laboratory test records and reports, are required by Idaho state law to be stored for 5 years after tests are done.

Learn more about your medical record rights

Idaho Medical Statutes

Medical records are considered confidential and protected by a combination of federal and state laws. Idaho laws governing the use and maintenance of certain medical records, including who has access to these records and mandatory reporting requirements for suspicion of child abuse.

Idaho Advance Directive for Healthcare

Idaho allows residents to write down their wishes, values, and preferences for future healthcare decisions. An advanced directive also allows you to choose who you want to communicate your healthcare decisions with if you are unable to do so yourself.

Please contact your healthcare provider for more information about advanced directive paperwork for Idaho:

  • Choosing a healthcare agent
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and other life-prolonging treatments

Register your documents online with the Idaho Health Care Directive Registry at:

Download the Idaho advance directive forms

Idaho Organ Donor Registry

The organ registry at Idaho state is meant to facilitate, coordinate, educate, honor and advocate for donors and donor families so that no one on the waiting list dies or is limited from the lack of a life-saving organ or tissue. You can register to become an organ donor at Yes Idaho.

How to Get A Death Certificate Record in Idaho

In Idaho death records are maintained in an online database. You can request a death certificate at the Idaho Health and Welfare website.

Essential Idaho Legal & Estate Planning Documents

Idaho Probate and tax laws

Probate is the court-supervised process through which a deceased person’s estate is transferred to their heirs. This applies to all estates in Idaho — even ones with a legal will. All probate cases in Idaho must remain open for at least 6 months, but probate can go on for longer. The typical legal fees and costs of probate in Idaho ranges between $2,000 - $2,500.

Learn more about the legal framework of probate in Idaho here, and discover how setting up a trust can protect your assets from the probate process.

Idaho Digital Estate Planning Laws

This section provides basic tips and information to help one begin their estate planning and information for consulting with an estate attorney. Here are some of the most important laws and forms for planning your estate:

How to Set Up a Will in Idaho

A will is generally the most convenient and effective way to arrange for the distribution of property after death. Here's how to set up a will.

Idaho Living Trust and Trust Documents

A living trust document is a method of holding property in a fiduciary relationship for the benefit of the named beneficiaries. The trustee manages the property for the benefit of beneficiaries, according to the terms of the trust document.

Idaho Estate & Inheritance Tax Laws and Rates

Idaho does not have an estate or inheritance tax. If someone you love has recently died, and you have been named beneficiary in a Will or Trust, or if you are an heir of someone who died without a will or trust, or if you have been named as an executor of a will, you can use the links below to find out what you will need to inherit or settle an estate or trust, including:

  • How to inherit payable

Idaho Individual Tax Income

You must file individual income tax returns with Idaho if you are any of the following:

  • An Idaho Resident
  • A part-year resident with income from Idaho sources or income earned while an Idaho resident
  • A non-resident of Idaho with income from Idaho sources

Other Miscellaneous Forms for Idaho:

How to Organize Your Most Important Documents

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