North Dakota: Every Legal, Medical, and Estate Planning Document You Need

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February 2, 2021

Unfortunately for a lot of us, life’s toughest decisions are made under duress and during the eleventh hour. If you are not prepared, your loved ones will struggle to find answers to your questions such as “how will my estate be managed when I’m gone?” or “how long will I remain on life support?” To avoid this unnecessary stress, we’ve provided a list of all the most important forms and documents to help guide you through laws and regulations specific to residents of North Dakota.

Essential Medical State Laws & Forms: North Dakota

How to Get Your Medical Records in North Dakota

In North Dakota, hospitals must keep a patient’s medical records for 10 years after the patient was last treated. For minors, they must be kept until the age of 21 or 10 years from the date of the last treatment, whichever is later.

As a resident of North Dakota, you have many rights as to what you can do with your medical records: inspect, get a copy, amend, revoke, etc.

Learn more about your medical rights and what should be included in your medical records.

North Dakota Advance Directive Laws

Completing an Advance Healthcare Directive form will save your family the grief of making the aforementioned end-of-life decisions. On North Dakota’s Advance Healthcare Directive form, you have many choices to create clear and direct instructions on how your last days will be managed.

North Dakota Organ Donor Registry

With over 100,000 people in need of healthy organs, many of the rest of the country have opted to donate their organs upon death. This decision has already saved many lives and promises to continue to save many more. Filling out the form to donate organs in North Dakota is easy, just click here.

Essential North Dakota Legal & Estate Planning Documents & Forms

Trusts and Probate Laws in North Dakota

Probate can be a very time-consuming, energy-depleting process in most states. North Dakota, however, has made the probate less of an ordeal with their Uniform Probate Code, a procedure which essentially makes the process easier and less formal while saving you court time. It is also recommended that you create a living trust to transfer your property and assets to beneficiaries.

Learn how to set up a revocable living trust in North Dakota.

North Dakota Digital Estate Planning Laws

Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, PayPal — these are all considered digital assets and are treated as transferable property upon death. Like most of the country, North Dakota’s digital estate planning laws are designed from the Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act. This law allows an individual to appoint an executor to access and control digital assets upon death.

Click here for a checklist to help guide you through digital estate planning. 

How to Get a Death Certificate in North Dakota

A death certificate is necessary to resolve many claims and disputes in financial, real estate, and legal matters. Obtaining a copy of a death certificate in North Dakota is easy, simply provide a valid government-issued ID along with a $15 fee.

North Dakota Estate & Inheritance Tax

North Dakota doesn't have a state estate or inheritance tax. However, residents may be subject to taxes levied from inherited properties from another state. And although rare, you are subject to federal estate taxes if the gross value of the estate exceeds $11,580,000.

For more information on North Dakota’s estate and inheritance tax laws, please read here.

Everything You Need to Know About Estate Planning in North Dakota

North Dakota has a number of unique state laws when it comes to your medical records, inheritance taxes, wills, trusts, and estate planning. Safely scan, store, and share your most important state documents when you need them with Pillar's secure and easy-to-use online storage tool for you and your family and navigate the strict probate process and lax estate tax with confidence.

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