Oklahoma: Every Legal, Medical, and Estate Planning Document You Need

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February 2, 2021

If you or a loved one lives in the Sooner State, there are a lot of important forms, records, services, and state laws you need to know about. Here's a complete list of the most essential documents you need to prepare your estate for any medical, legal, and end-of-life decisions if you live in Oklahoma.

Essential Oklahoma Medical State Laws & Forms

How to Get Your Medical Records in Oklahoma 

Oklahoma law requires that hospitals maintain medical records for 6 years from the date of its creation or the date it was last in effect. Doctors in Oklahoma are required to maintain medical records for long as it may be necessary to treat the patient. For legal reasons, that means most physicians keep medical records for at least 10 years.

It’s important to note that your health care providers usually can’t release your records to a third party except with permission from you.

Learn more about your rights when it comes to your medical records

Oklahoma Advance Directive Laws 

An advance directive is a written legal document that allows you to make your wishes known about your medical care should you become incapacitated. In Oklahoma, you must be at least 18 years-old to create these advance directive documents

  1. Advance directive form (living will and health care)
  2. DNR (Do Not Resuscitate Order)
  3. A durable medical power of attorney (POA)

You also have the right to receive the information you need to understand your physical condition and the risks, benefits, and alternatives to a proposed treatment. You may express your medical treatment decisions orally or in writing.

Oklahoma Organ Donor Registry 

You can register here to become an organ, eyes, and tissue donor in Oklahoma here to register as a donor. 

Essential Oklahoma Legal Estate Planning Documents & Forms

The truth is that you will not live forever or remain in good health forever. It is important to plan your estate while before you need these documents.

Oklahoma Trusts Laws 

According to Oklahoma section 19-3-1, any person or owner of a property can convey his real estate or personal property to another in trust. Setting up a trust is one of the best ways to avoid the lengthy, and expensive, probate laws in Oklahoma. 

Learn more about how to set up a trust fund

Oklahoma Probate Laws

In Oklahoma, when someone dies, their assets are distributed through the probate process. These happens even if they have a legal will. The exception to this law is if the owner of the asset creates a revocable living trust. To distribute the assets, they will go through the probate court.

Probate in Oklahoma is actually quicker than most states, but can often take between 4-6 months. The probate process is public, which means anyone can search and uncover information on the estate’s assets’ distribution.

Oklahoma allows for streamlined probate, called Summary Administration, for estates value at less than $200,000.

Learn more about the biggest differences between a will and a trust

Does Oklahoma Have an Estate & Inheritance Tax?

Oklahoma does not have an estate tax, inheritance tax or gift tax. If you are a resident of Oklahoma and you are inheriting property from other states, you may end up paying inheritance tax for that state.

Oklahoma Digital Estate Planning Laws

It is no surprise that almost everybody living in Oklahoma today has more than one “digital” asset. These assets include email accounts, social media accounts, and blogs. State law in Oklahoma permits citizens to legally transfer their digital assets to family members, personal representatives, or trustees.

How to Get a Death Certificate in Oklahoma 

The Oklahoma State Department of Health Division of Vital Records is responsible for registering every death in the state. They also keep, amend, and issue death certificate copies.

You can order an Oklahoma death certificate from VitalChek. Learn about burial and cremation laws in Oklahoma.

How to Organize Your Most Important Documents

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