Built with
family in mind

We are on a mission to help people better protect and care for their loved ones by building the central hub that the whole family can use to manage their affairs.

Our founder, Michael Bloch, came up with the idea for Pillar in 2017 after his mother was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder. His family didn't know how to access her most important information right when it mattered most. Years later, when Michael and his wife had their first child, he again saw how difficult it was to store, organize, and share his family's most important information with his trusted loved ones.

In a world where technology provides simple solutions to so many things, how can organizing & sharing information still be so difficult and time-consuming? It shouldn't have to be this way. Today, our team is focused on fixing this problem for ourselves and the millions of other families that want to better protect and care for their loved ones.

Backed by the best

Our team

We believe in building a team that is passionate about our mission of making managing family life easier. We value a culture which supports each other to produce work that we can all be proud of.

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